Greg’s show has taken him some pretty cool places…
He has performed in the main theaters on cruise ships from Hong Kong to Europe to the Caribbean (having now traveled to over 145 countries.) He has toured as the opening act for such stars as Ray Charles and Al Yankovich, and appeared alongside some of the top names in comedy. He has been featured in the main showrooms of some top casinos (including a number of Greg Thompson productions.) And he has provided after-dinner entertainment at over 600 banquets and conventions.

So when is he gonna get a “real job”? Without the ability to do “normal people things”, this is the only work he’s ever known!
His approach is putting comic twists on people’s expectation of a magic act. As a performer, his wit and personable style put audiences at ease, and his clean comedy makes him a hit with young and old alike. He is one of the very few comic performers who can work across an enormous age range.

This is not your grandpa’s magic act! Take a look at the video to get the idea…

Greg also brings with him a series of “Easy Magic” classes, where he teaches absolute beginners (adults and children) how to do some amazing tricks. He turns these into top afternoon attractions on every cruise ship he’s on, and has been brought in to teach magic to entire teams of bartenders – most recently at 6 Sandal’s Resorts in Jamaica.

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