Easy Magic Tricks You Can Do 2


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Learn 20 MORE Amazing Miracles! Just like in Easy Magic 1, these are all easy-to-do, yet completely baffling magic tricks! You’ll see each one performed for real people, then carefully explained with a focus on teaching you how to best perform it. You’ll also be taken through any troubleshooting tips and additional ideas each trick might inspire.

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  • Performing better magic
  • Doing a trick for the first time
  • Attaining Ultimate Confidence
  • Practice & Attitude


Table of Contents

Card Tricks

  •  Heart Throb
  •  Will the Cards Match?
  •  Out Of This World
  •  Triple Cut Vision
  •  Boomerang Card
  •  Fortune Cookie
  •  Listen to the Deck
  •  Tahitian Bartender’s Trick
  •  Hummer Card
  •  Drop Flip Roll
  •  How To Spread Cards

Tricks With Other Objects

  •  Magnetic Straw
  •  Straw Up Nose
  •  Interlocked Straws
  •  Twisting Pen
  •  Penetrating Corks
  •  Jumping Toothpick
  •  Jumping Ring
  •  Creepy Thumb
  •  Color Country Animal
  •  Tri-Zonal Space Warper
  •  Boomerang Band


  •  Practice & Attitude
  •  Getting Over The Hump
  •  The Effect
  •  Ultimate Confidence

Final Thoughts