Rubber Band Magic: Digital Download


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FULL CHAPTERS are Performances, Individual Explanations, and Performing Tips.



Whether you just want to learn a few impressive tricks, or you’re an impassioned student who wants a master’s degree in RUBBER BAND MAGIC, this DVD will show you the way!

“RUBBER BAND MAGIC” will teach you a myriad of effects from easy to challenging.

This Digital Download version of Rubber Band Magic allows you to watch the videos online, or download them to your own device at your own leisure.

  • 20 truly remarkable magical miracles that use nothing more than ordinary rubber bands!

An acclaimed teacher of both beginning and advanced magic.

Greg Moreland has a personable approach to guiding you through the techniques of performing winning magic. He puts it well within your grasp to become a RUBBER BAND MASTER!

Audience-tested, eye popping magic

  • Concise, easy to instructions
  • Live performances
  • Essential performance tips
  • Useful tips on practice & mastery
  • 2 Bonus card tricks